let's push it..

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ya i like to push it-push it...hola ppl..ya sing wif me
nahhh u noe sometimes when we r ol down..n down beneath ourselves..thinking bout the end of our life..ya the end.
actly it wasnt the truly end..
actly there is no end for our life as long as u still here, living in this tiny world..so dude do live ur life..nothing gonna harm u..forgot ol the past..lets start the new chapter..dont jz give up ur life..do remember

"winners never quit, and quitters never win™"..ting! (pok ak tau sda)

so im asking u..are u a quitter?? arse??
nahhh..u do if u keep on quiting..
im asking u for the last tym....are u..
ya shout it man...jz ignore the people aron u..ya shout it..i cant hear u..

back to square one.
now here is my point. lets jz push the reset button n look for wut goin to happen...
ya jz like when u play wif those thing when u were kid..wut we called it..digi wut..
digimon i guess..

ya u remember rite when u wanna cheat..let say u wanna a mamemon...oh damn i do it again..oh fuck..ok then u will reset the program n "fuck" that thing laju-laju wif ur..ehmm anything will do i guess..n u will not stop rite?
until u get wut u want..

so my friends...life is also like dat..
jz keep on moving..it's ok to be slow but it's ain't fuckin good if u stop.™ (yehhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa)
lets move on.........

nice bitch..jz push it harder.

initidakpenting: kali ini pengemis akan bertapa d pulau lagenda. baru legend!!!!
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  1. Long Talk, Tall, Dark n Handsome
    http://mentega-usewf.blogspot.com/2009/05/lets-push-it.html?showComment=1241591820000#c2056827887374810756'> May 6, 2009 at 2:37 PM

    ™ ting!


  2. sHwEeT ByAtcH
    http://mentega-usewf.blogspot.com/2009/05/lets-push-it.html?showComment=1241630160000#c6788347285946508577'> May 7, 2009 at 1:16 AM


    good one.. :P